Our medical partnerships

We believe that accessible e-health solutions and responsible self-management contribute to the well-being of our customers. The quality of our services is our priority. In addition to our skilled employees, we work together with European registered doctors, medical specialists and pharmacists. In addition, eHealth Ventures Group collaborates with an independent Medical Advisory Board for quality control and advice.
Doctors & pharmacies

Our ecosystem consists of 10 independent doctors and 8 pharmacies from various EU countries and England. Together with them, we offer consumers medically controlled, easy and safe access to solutions for simple ('1st line') healthcare complaints.

Medical Advisory Council

In order to safeguard the medical-ethical limits of our services, we work together with a Medical Advisory Council (MAC). The council includes doctors and pharmacists who constantly monitor the medical responsibility of our platforms.


Are you a doctor or medical specialist and would you like to partner with eHealth Ventures Group? Then please contact us via: [email protected]