Our platforms

We are the initiator of a growing number of e-commerce platforms with which we want to promote people's well-being. We do this by first looking at the needs of customers, space in the market and of course responding to this with services/products. Whether it concerns easy and responsible access to treatment and advice regarding simple care needs or life stages that require extra support.
We are excited to introduce you to our new platform, SeeMe-nopause, which is developed specially for women going through menopause.
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We believe that people should be able to freely decide on preferential treatment for simple healthcare questions.
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New platform idea?
Who knows, you might actually realize your idea with us!
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Our partnerships

The strength of eHealth Ventures Group is that we never stand still. Our people are continuously looking for new opportunities to increase people's well-being. Are you interested in our plans for next year, would you like to start a collaboration with us based on your (medical) expertise, do you have a platform that you would like to link to us or do you have a good idea that we should know about?
Please feel free to contact us at:[email protected].


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