We believe that accessible e-health solutions and self-direction contribute to the well-being of our clients. This is why we enable consumers to come to an appropriate and safe decision to increase their well-being. We offer accessible e-health platforms where you can find the right solution through the combination of specialist medical knowledge, products, information, and advice.

Our platforms

New platform?
Do you have an idea for a new platform? We want to launch one every 2 years!
Mission: Possible
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New platform?
Do you have an idea for a new platform? We want to launch 2 every year!
Our management

Currently, eHealth Ventures Group has about 50 employees. In addition, we have partnerships with a Medical Advisory Council, general practitioners, specialists, and pharmacies. Our organisation is managed by Vincent Peeters, CEO, and Sander Groenendijk, CFO; both of whom have major ambitions for the growth of the company. This is why we give our colleagues plenty of mandate for entrepreneurship and to contribute to building our organisation's success together.

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Our history

The eHealth Ventures Group was founded in 2004 by Maarten Jan Reijnders because he saw too many obstacles that limited people's well-being. Stemming from the belief that people can make their own decisions about their well-being, provided that they are fully informed, he founded De online doktor, now dokteronline.com (currently online in 14 countries). In the meantime, we have expanded upon this original idea with the mensam.eu platform, while we continue working on new healthy e-health solutions with our teams in Breda and Curaçao.

Passion for your profession!

We are a growing company and always looking for talented people who can support us in our mission. Interested? Look at our job offers or send us an open application.

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Why are we who we are?

We believe in self-direction! This requires - OWNERSHIP. We are in full development. You are allowed to make mistakes and learn from them - RESILIENCE. Self-direction within eHealth requires trusting each other. License to operate - TRUST. You are driven to continuously add value for yourself and the consumer - DRIVE.

EHVG is located on both sides of the Atlantic

The dokteronline.com platform is operated from Curaçao, supported by our Medical Advisory  Board, customer service as well as sales and aftersales departments, HR and finance. Our professional e-commerce teams for various platforms are located in Breda, supported by the ICT/ Development, HR, legal, and finance departments. Thanks to this organisational setup, we can use the 'follow the sun' principle in the service we provide to our customers. This principle means that, when a customer has questions during late afternoon or evening in Europe, a customer service representative in Curaçao will pick up the phone because it's daytime there. Good for the customers and good for us since we get to talk to the customers!

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We are always looking for people who can think along with us, recognise opportunities and go for them!

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